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An Exchange of Neighborhood Knowledge
by Manhattan's Residents


A project by Jack Toolin



Cache box- This cache is not to be confused with cash. Well, maybe a little. ;) For Manhattan Cache we're thinkng of treasure, as in the contributions made by participants being valuable for providing insights about Manhattan, about Manhattan's neighborhoods, and about the people who live in these neighborhoods. The cache boxes will be repositories for ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences that participants have had in their neighborhoods, items that will give others a chance to learn about the pleasures and challenges of living in one the world's most dynamic cities.

GPS (Global Positioning System) - This technology, developed by the United States Department of Defense, utilizes signals from orbiting satellites for the tracking of moving objects and for location tagging of stationary ones. While the initial ideas for the technology were expressed in the early/mid 20th century, civilian access began in the 1990s.

Geocaching - This is a GPS hobby pursued by thousands of people around the world. Geocachers create caches and search for caches created by others for the fun and adventure of exploring unfamiliar places. While most caches are in isolated locations, many are in uban and suburban settings, wherever the location the searcher is provided with a different set of challenges. Current interest in GPS technology has boosted participation in the hobby, but there are those who find fun in traditional orienteering methods. One of the most popular web sites for enthusiasts is www.geocaching.com.

Locative Media - This is a term that broadly refers to the locative, site specific use of wireless connectivity via mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), laptops, etc. Locative media is a growing genre in the art world, as artists are prone to explore new aspects of contemporary culture, experimenting with locative media was inevitable. Art works range from urban games to solitary landmark demarcation, and from playful interaction to social critique.

Manhattan Neighborhoods - Well, there are various mappings of Manhattan's neighborhoods, from personalized, funky maps, to official, formalized maps. And along with these different maps come a range of neighborhood breakdowns. Due to the scale of of Manhattan Cache, and the limited workforce at my command (basically me), I have chosen simpler versions of Manhattan's neighborhoods for number and placement of cache boxes, but my intention is to have participants be as specific about their neighborhood as they care to be, though they may have to travel a bit to get a cache box, which may be located outside of their specific neighborhood.



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