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An Exchange of Neighborhood Knowledge
by Manhattan's Residents


A project by Jack Toolin


Opportunities to Participate

The success or failure of Manhattan Cache is dependent upon the participation of a good number of Manhattan's residents, from all of its neighborhoods. The identities of New York's many neighborhoods are complex and subtle, getting a broad cross-section of participants to contribute to the project will enable Manhattan Cache to archive and present this complexity for all to consider.

Contribute to a Cache Box
Manhattan Cache is composed of numerous Cache Boxes which will be located throughout Manhattan . By going to the Cache Box Locations you will see various ways for finding the Cache Box closest to your neighborhood. You can choose to search for the cache box by using the latitude and longitude coordinates with your GPS device or with one of the several web-based map services (e.g. Google Maps, Mapquest). You can attempt to find it using the 'tips.'Or you can find location details under 'Quick Find.'

Cache Box contributions can take a variety of forms, but they must fit into the cache box, which is approximately 10"x6"x5" (please, no food items). Poems, short stories, drawings, photographs, found objects, are just some examples of what can be placed in the cache box. Whatever form the contribution takes, it should reflect on the participants' experiences within their neighborhood. Please download and fill out the item information sheet (pdf) and put it in the cache box with your item (a limited number of info sheets have been placed in the boxes). This is essential for understanding your contribution, and for keeping items corresponding with their correct neighborhood.

These objects will form an archive which will be photographically documented for the Manhattan Cache web site. The possibility of exhibiting the contributions in their physical form may develop and I would therefore like to retain the contributions. However arrangements can be made to return contributions after they have been photographed. Please keep in mind that the Cache Boxes are roughly the size of a shoe box - contributed objects should fit in the palm of your hand.

Contribute to the Blog
The Manhattan Cache Blog is available primarily for participants who have contributed items to the Cache Boxes. The blog gives participants the opportunity to comment further on their ideas about neighborhood and the ways in which their cache contribution adds to our understanding of neighborhood. However, for residents who are unable to visit a Cache Box, the blog is available for posting writings and digital imagery.

Volunteer for the Project
As of this time, Manhattan Cache is a one-person production. Your help can take various forms: visiting and maintaining the Cache Boxes for the duration of the event; helping to document the contributed items; and maybe most importantly, spreading the word about the project's existence and encouraging participation by as many people as possible.


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