jack toolin
Pedestrian Photographs

These images were made in and around San Francisco while walking through parts of the Mission, South of Market, and China Basin neighborhoods. These areas were dithering between their industrial past and their high-tech, bio-medical future. Ostensibly, they existed solely for the purpose of workers passing through. They were not places in which to linger, yet that was precisely how I spent my time, wandering through these quiet, heavily developed yet neglected spaces - the interstices of urban living.

As I walked about with my camera I found monumental sculptures, minimalist still lifes, and loading dock stages covered with the detritus of performances long concluded. The lighting, both natural and artificial, searing and subtle, transformed peeled paint and glass strewn sidewalks, giving visual life to often overlooked aspects of the city. Towers offering some of the most expensive real estate in the country stood only blocks away.

Pedestrian Photograph 1.

Pedestrian Photograph 2.

Pedestrian Photograph 3.