jack toolin


Photography is the medium I first seriously used as an artist and it remains a passion of mine. In the midst of a society that is moving faster and faster, with expectations of rapid interaction, mutability, ephemerality, the still image remains relevant for me.

Over the years my work has addressed a range of issues, from the personal to the social-political. Current projects address economics: what I refer to as fringe economics and psychoeconomics. The former refers to strategies to compensate for low wages. The latter refers to the effects of economics on mental health. The effects of middle class income plateauing over recent decades and the growing wealth gap (despite the Great Recession, or resulting from) affect everything from mental health to environmental sustainability. Associated with much of the struggle for equality in the United States is economic equality: the struggle to attain it and the fight to protect what one has of it.

Completed projects.

Early work: the '80s and early '90s.