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Analogous Landscape

Photograph of Analogous Landscape at San Francisco Camerawork.
Installation at San Francisco Camerawork, 2005.

Project Description

The objective of the Analogous Landscape: Rim of Fire project is to develop inferencing techniques for navigation of terrains of similar characteristic. At issue is whether navigation paths can be transposed by analogy on a selected terrain's other. To address this, initial expeditions will be analyzed to produce predictive navigation scenarios that can be imposed on the succession of expeditions. Two mountains have been ascended, Mt. Shasta in California, and Mt. Fuji in Japan.


The San Jose Musem of Art, 2005.

San Francisco Camerawork, 2005.

Museo Nacional de Bellas Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina II International Art

Biennial – Buenos Aires (featuring an early version of the models), 2005.

Photograph: side view of Analogous Landscape installation.
Photograph: close-up of Mt. Shasta scale model.
Scale models of Mt. Fuji (foreground) and Mt. Shasta. Each are 3 meters square and were created using topological data for CNC carving, finally being cast in aluminum.
Photograph: close-up of Mt. Shasta scale model.
Scale model of Mt. Shasta, 3 meters square with video projection in the background. The video shows the path-tracklog- of the Mt. Shasta hike.
Photograph: documentation of Palm Pilots used for the Analogous Landscape expedition.
Palm Pilots used for recording notes along the ascent.