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The Village Idiot

Photographs: Details of the day-long performance

Project Description

Village Idiot is a generative storytelling event that encourages residents of a given community (Woodstock, VT, in its original performance) to share their recollections about the things they love and the things they endure as they live their lives in their neighborhoods, towns, cities. The Idiot learns about these communities, and the trials and tribulations of its people as he listens to the local lore. Concurrent with the storytelling, residents respond to a demographic survey that assesses their perception of the community in which they live, answering questions about median income, marital status, educational level, and so on. Their perceptions are compared to statistics from the 2010 US Census. Altogether the personal anecdotes and the demographic perceptions become the content of the Idiot’s performative report, delivered at the end of the day in a multimedia recounting.


The Woodstock Digital Media Festival, 2010

Poster image for the Village Idiot
Promotional poster.

Images of Woodstock and the surrounding area.

Photograph-House in Woodstock, VT. Photograph-The town of Woodstock, VT. Photograph-Covered bridge in VT. Photograph-Bucolic VT.

Statistical comparisons between perceived and measured demographic metrics.

Graphic-statistical comparison-housing costs. Graphic-statistical comparison-education. Graphic-statistical comparison-industries region vs state. Graphic-statistical comparison-common industries broadly. Graphic-statistical comparison-common industries by gender. Graphic-statistical comparison-religion.

Performance documentation.

Photograph-Village Idiot performance documentation.
Photograph: Village Idiot performance documentation.