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The C5 Landscape Initiative, 2002-2005

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Other Path

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Perfect View   The C5 GPS Media Player

The C5 GPS Media Player

The C5 Landscape Initiative is an investigation of our relationship to landscape in light of the accessibility to and increasing prevalence of GPS and GIS technologies, as well as mobile and imaging devices. It is a suite of four projects that pursue this relationship in unique ways. Each of these projects is monumental in scope and concept as it considers landscape on a grand scale, positing our connections to landscape on continental and global scales, and pushing the theoretical boundaries of GIS technology implementation.

Landscape Initiative video:

C5 Shasta Summit

Atop Mt. Shasta, CA.

C5 was founded in 1997 by Joel Slayton and Steve Durie, with founding members including Benjamin Eakins, Jan Eckenberg, Lisa Jevbratt, Brett Stalbaum, Ann Marie Schleiner, Geri Wittig and myself. Over the course of ten years we collaborated on a range of projects that included data visualizations, performance work, landscape expeditions, and urban games. In 2007 we terminated the group, and at that time members included Durie, Amul Guswami, Slayton, Stalbaum, Toolin, and Wittig. Member Matt Mays played a significant role in the Landscape Initiative and Quest for Success projects. For further documentation about our work, please visit the C5 web site.